Since 1946, we serve dealers of spare car parts

“Success must be built together”

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CATI is the leading company in Italy in the distribution of auto parts and services to support the work of spare part dealers. CATI, founded in 1946 , has vigorously pursued a history of continuous success and nowadays it represents an innovative and evolving company . CATI is a benchmark in the automotive industry for manufacturers and resellers, by virtue of its organization, the cutting-edge logistics, prestigious brand distribution, the partnerships with automotive networks, and smart technical and marketing services for its dealers .


CATI has developed a growing specialization in the distribution of spare parts for motor vehicles, thanks to its strategy of gradual expansion of the distributed product lines, selected within the most important Italian and international manufactors.


Dynamism and passion for innovation have always characterized the spirit of the persons that have shared the growing of CATI.
CATI utilizes the systems made by TEC – COM and ANFIA.TECH ( EBI.CAR ) that allow the real time and digital exchange of orders, delivery notes, invoices, price lists, technical updates and supplier inventories.


CATI has an in-house Information technology team dedicated to software development and support, specifically focused to the needs of its clients in order to take the opportunities of improvements and growing that innovative IT technologies can offer.


The Commercial department can count on a fully supporting organization: 11 trading agents cover Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, communicating promotional activities and projects aimed to an increasingly and synergistic growth of the Company and its Dealers.

Memberships and Services to an excellent network!

We have developed relationships, logistics, and services to give the best to our dealers.

AREAAUTO is the network dedicated to auto repair shops and auto parts retailers, which offers a range of professional support services in order to achieve quality, visibility and efficiency in the partner service, and a complete customer satisfaction.

Technical and marketing services, online information from the car manufacturers, technical training, legal assistance for  customers, these are some of the advantages offered by AREAAUTO network.


SUPERMAX™ is the application software implemented for all spare car parts shops, resellers and auto accessory retailers.

The features of SUPERMAX, its user friendly and a wide range of applicative modules, make SUPERMAX™ a smart tool ables to satisfy the needs of small, medium and large dealers.


Since 1946, we live passion, and we collect success

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose” (Benjamin Disraeli)

The Italian Republic was born in 1946. In the same year in Turin, CATI Gomma was founded: a bold idea, a strategic choice, a winning bet.

In the difficult years after the war, only the forward-looking entrepreneurs were able to shape a future beyond poverty and destruction caused by the war. The car would soon be the symbol and the instrument of a new development that everyone were waiting, and CATI quickly understood the prospectives and caught the incoming growth of the sector.

The 60s consecrate the leading role of the automobile market in the Italian economic scenario, and CATI is, at that time, a well-established company.

In 1975 the company unveiled its first factory in Moncalieri. That inexhaustible and innovative impetus has been the driver of the modern history of CATI.

A narrative of passion that leads CATI to the future successes!


Acquisition of the company “Fiorauto” in Bologna, Italy


AreaAuto started, the network dedicated to auto repair shops.


Launch of SuperMAX, the application software dedicated to spare part resellers


Acquisition of  VEMA distribution


Opening of the new operational offices in Milan and Brescia, Italy


Opening of the new operational office in Padova and Rome

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Warehouse facilities: Torino, Bologna, Milano, Brescia, Padova, Rome

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