SUPERMAX™ is the application software dedicated to all car-repair shops, professional stores of car spare parts and accessories. SUPERMAX ™ has been developed and upgraded after being tested by a pilot dealer for several years and is now adopted with satisfaction by many dealers.

Specially designed for store management, SUPERMAX™ is a complete program that allows the dealer to optimize and streamline inventory, from purchase of goods to the final sale to the customer.

The user-friendly features and the wide range of available modules, make SUPERMAX™ a particularly suitable tool to meet the needs of small retailers as well as the needs of the most structured operators.

A good result, today, is the outcome of a collaboration of many

Join SUPERMAX means bringing your own company and its products in the foreground through the presence and communication on the web: a unique project, shared and highly visible.

SUPERMAX™ is composed of two main parts, integrated with each other:

  • Warehouse management that provides for the issuance of accounting documents, the maintenance of inventories and finally for invoicing and related analysis of sales.
  • Accounting that enables the complete administrative and financial management, from receipts and payments, taxes, up to financial reports.

Online update – With SUPERMAX no more worries about frequent changes in price lists, data variation of products, replacement of obsolete codes or changes in terms and condition: everything is updated daily by an automatic digital process.

With SUPERMAX you become part of a community. Shared experiences, contamination of useful information for your market, and continuous updates on new regulations, allow you to never drop back!