The network AREAAUTO

AreaAuto is the project dedicated to workshops started in January 2008 and entirely devised and developed in-house by CATI.

The car electronic systems are getting more and more predominant, and are conseguentely making the car repairing more and more complicated .

The goal of AreaAuto is to enrich the technical skill of the repairers and to help them in their difficult task of repairing.

AreaAuto workshops are equipped with various services, including the technical database containing original data and diagrams supplied by original manufaturers, updated training and learning courses on new diesel and gasoline injection systems, the “calling system to the customer” carried out by CATI on behalf of the repairer, and important partnerships such as the one with ACI, the leader of roadside assistance.

The comprehensive set of these services increases the degree of customer confidence in AreaAuto workshops, as result of a rapid and effective repair.

The turn in the right direction!

The network AREAAUTO

Our strong points

Marketing and Technical Services

Affiliated workshops can take advantage of technical services and marketing , as well as a range of communication services for the motorist , all developed for a simple and effective repair, for a marketing activity aimed at promoting the affiliate and the creation of a direct relationship with the customer .


Technical training is our fundamental aim: repairers must attend at least three courses at year, useful for keep updated own skill and for develop own professionalism.

Online databases

To adequately address the relevant opportunity given from scheduled maintenance of the cars still under warranty, the car repairer can count on online functionalities for searching check periods and replacements suggested by car manufacturers.

Legal assistance

AreaAuto support repairers and motorists, in case of  dispute with manufacturer, thanks to the legal assistance of ACI.

Service to drivers

AreaAuto Partners ensures to drivers a complete assistance service for facing journey with confidence.